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Email Personalization - Subject line and Preheader text

Learn why and how to personalize template metadata using the handlebars templating syntax

In this guide we explain why personalization matters. However template personalization does not stop with the template content. Because of the growing number of mails in everyone's inbox, the first impression of your mail is highly relevant and decides over your mail getting read at all. Luckily you can optimize your first impression through personalization of the email metadata, namely the Subject line and the Preheader text:

Image of a stereotypic inbox in iOS Mailing App highlighting the email metadata

But why bother, you might ask. Simply put, personalized template metadata can help your emails perform better: Emails with personalized subject lines (or preheader texts) result in a 17% higher opening rate compared to subject lines without the recipients name in it (Source). Learn how to use and test metadata personalization in Semplates in this guide.

Using placeholders in template metadata

You can make use of data placeholders in your templates' metadata, namely the Subject Line and the Preheader Text. To do so, open your template in the Template Editor and click on the More button in the upper right corner:

Screenshot of the template editor that highlights the More button

From here you can change your Subject Line and Preheader Text fields and insert data placeholders:

Screenshot of the template editor that shows how to use placeholders in the template metadata

Don't forget to save your changes. To review your placeholders navigate to Template Preview. In case you forgot to save your changes before, Semplates will ask you to do so when you try to navigate away.

Reviewing placeholders in template metadata

The Subject Line and Preheader Text are displayed at the top of the screen. Any placeholder used within is listed on the right site of the screen, just like placeholders within the content:

Screenshot of the template preview that shows placeholders in the subject line

Insert test data und press the Update button to test your metadata personalization:

Screenshot of the template preview that shows placeholders in the subject line

Now you know how to personalize your templates metadata.


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