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The Semplates template editor makes it easy to design personalized, responsive, and branded transactional email templates via drag and drop - no coding skills required.

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Glossy Finish – Youth Sports Photography - CAPTURING MOMENTS. CREATING MEMORIES.
Hello Basis - Credit without the credit check
Inkblot Therapy - Effective Mental Health Care for Everyone


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Design high-performing email templates and campaigns in minutes, using our email template builder.

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Full control with our Drag & Drop Template editor

Speed up your process with on-brand re-usable components, AI-generated content, and fully responsive email-templates.

Collaborate and Manage your assets all in one place

No matter if you are managing a handfull of templates or hundreds across multiple SES accounts. Create and attach tags or quickly search, filter and sort your templates and empower your entire team.

Easy import from Amazon SES

No more dependencies to development to pull templates from SES: Import your existing email templates from SES and manage all templates in one place with Semplates.

Uncompromising Data Security & Compliance

Ensure the highest level of data protection with Semplates and AWS SES. Our platform is compliant with strict industry regulations, providing peace of mind when handling user data.

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Why our clients trust us

Chris Woodcock, Chief Product Officer & Head of Data Science 
at Essentia Analytics

“Semplates’ design for the frontend is so powerful and well thought out that it solved a problem I didn't even know I had. As a product manager, I appreciate when a product anticipates my needs before I even realize them, and that's exactly what Semplates delivered."

Chris Woodcock, Chief Product Officer & Head of Data Science at Essentia Analytics

Edoardo Moreni, CEO & Founder, Emma App

“Switching to AWS SES and Semplates was a clear choice for us, not just for the operational efficiency and cost benefits, but also for the ease of use. The transition has enabled us to create and manage email templates 10 times faster, while making it 4 times cheaper to send emails.”

Edoardo Moreni, CEO & Founder, Emma App

Frederik Andersen, Co-Founder and CEO at Softbrik / Ex-AWS

“We manage transactional mail templates on multiple AWS accounts via Semplates. Semplates works really smooth and saves us a lot of time in our daily workflows. Especially the setup and integration with AWS is super simple and there is no lock-in.”

Frederik Andersen, Co-Founder and CEO at Softbrik / Ex-AWS

Greg Miller, Full Stack Developer at Tranquility

“With Semplates we can manage all our templates while being assured, that client data never leaves our AWS region when sending automated emails.”

Greg Miller, Full Stack Developer at Tranquility

Josef Pogadl, CTO at Riskeeper AG

“We use Semplates on the business plan for all our transaction emails. Semplates enables us to manage email templates on AWS SES without the struggle of using the CLI. Now we update them very easily using the Semplates drag and drop editor. This saves us a lot of development resources and therefore time and costs.”

Josef Pogadl, CTO at Riskeeper AG

Matt Winer, Partner & CTO at Glossy Finish

“Using Semplates has sped up our time-to-market of our email campaigns in ways we never imagined. Now we can use the AWS SES platform we love and don't need to be html experts to get it done."

Matt Winer, Partner & CTO at Glossy Finish

Mel MacMahon, VP of Product at Talaera

“Semplates is a great solution for us at Talaera. My colleagues from the product, design, and engineering team collaborate on Semplates when managing transactional emails on AWS SES. Not being solely dependent on the engineering team anymore speeds up our processes massively.”

Mel MacMahon, VP of Product at Talaera

Mirko Pira, Principal Software Developer at Agile Heroes

“Semplates has been a game-changer for our business. The seamless integration with AWS SES, user-friendly interface, and excellent support have exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!”

Mirko Pira, Principal Software Developer at Agile Heroes

Orlando Guitian, Founder at Technologies Innovation Lab

"We searched for over a month before finding Semplates. We needed software that was easy to use, easy to create an HTML email with, and can integrate with our AWS accounts, and Semplates is exactly what we needed. To date, we have sent thousands of emails via Semplates and we are very happy with it. Highly recommend them!"

Orlando Guitian, Founder at Technologies Innovation Lab


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What is Amazon SES?

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is a cloud-based email sending service designed to send marketing, notification, and transactional emails. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution built on the scalable infrastructure of AWS.

Key Features and Benefits of AWS SES

  • Flexible IP Deployment: Choose between shared, dedicated, or customer-owned IPs to match your business needs.
  • Enhanced Email Deliverability: Utilize authentication options like SPF and DKIM to protect your sender reputation and improve email deliverability.
  • Comprehensive Sending Analytics: Gain insights into the performance of your emails with detailed analytics on delivery, bounces, and feedback loops.

Seamless Integration and Management

  • Easy Start: Integrate Amazon SES quickly using the console, APIs, or SMTP interfaces and even set up email receiving to fully engage with your customer base.
  • Deliverability Optimization: Access a reputation dashboard for vital metrics on account performance, spam feedback, and insights into your emails' engagement levels, such as open and click-through rates.
  • Secure Scaling: Ensure authorized email sending with support for Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and maintain secure email operations with VPC support.

With Amazon SES, you can send emails securely, globally, and at scale. To know more about AWS SES please visit the official Amazon SES documentation.

What are Transactional Emails?

Transactional emails are automated messages sent to an individual recipient following specific actions or events. These actions might include signing up for a service, requesting a data export, receiving appointment reminders, or getting updates about significant changes like policy updates. Other examples are surveys sent after a service experience or summaries of items in an online shopping cart.

Why Are Transactional Emails Important?

  • High Relevance: Unlike marketing emails, transactional emails are sent in response to a user's activity, making them highly relevant and anticipated by the recipient.
  • No Opt-In Requirement: These emails do not require prior consent (Einstimmung) from the recipient because they are considered a necessary part of the service or transaction.
  • Better Deliverability: Email providers typically recognize the legitimacy of transactional emails, which helps them avoid being labeled as spam.
  • High Engagement: Transactional emails often see exceptionally high open rates, making them a crucial point of engagement between your brand and the customer.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: They offer an additional opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and contribute to a positive customer experience through timely and relevant communication.

Maximizing Impact with Transactional Emails

To make the most of transactional emails, consider the following:

  • Personalization: Tailor each message to the recipient to increase relevance and engagement.
  • Branding: Use consistent branding to make these communications instantly recognizable.
  • Clarity: Ensure the purpose of the email is clear to avoid confusion and maintain trust.
  • Actionable: Provide clear instructions or next steps to encourage the desired outcome.

How Does Amazon SES Support Transactional Emails?

Amazon SES excels in delivering transactional emails due to its scalable and secure infrastructure. It ensures that your automated communications reach your customers reliably and promptly. With Amazon SES and Semplates, you can effortlessly create, manage and send transactional emails that resonate with your customers and elevate your brand experience.

What is Semplates?

AWS Simple Email Service (SES) offers a cost-efficient email service but lacks a visual interface for creating email templates, requiring direct HTML coding which can be resource-intensive. Semplates bridges this gap, providing an intuitive interface that allows both developers and non-developers to efficiently collaborate in creating, updating, and managing branded email templates without coding.

How Semplates Enhances the AWS SES Experience

  • Seamless Import: Import existing SES email templates into Semplates for quick modification and deployment.
  • Customizable Templates: Access a wide range of customizable samples, making it easy to start and maintain your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Code-Free Editing: Utilize the drag-and-drop editor for hassle-free template customization, suitable for all skill levels.
  • Personalization Options: Easily personalize your emails with dynamic content and user-specific details, enhancing engagement and relevance.
  • Collaborative Interface: Facilitate a collaborative environment for both technical and non-technical team members.
  • Instant Template Testing: Directly test email templates with placeholders within our interface, ensuring your emails look perfect before sending.
  • Multi-Account Management: Connect multiple AWS accounts or SES regions and effortlessly move templates between them.

What are the benefits of using Semplates for transactional emails and email automation on AWS SES?

Semplates streamlines the management of transactional emails and automates email processes, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with email operations. By combining the power of AWS SES with the ease of Semplates, businesses can achieve:

  • Efficiency in Email Operations: Streamline the creation and management of email templates.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Leverage personalization options to create more relevant and engaging emails.
  • Brand Consistency: Maintain a consistent brand voice and design across all automated communications.
  • Scalability: Seamlessly scale your email operations to meet growing business needs.

Discover how to optimize your transactional emails and automate your email strategy with the powerful combination of AWS SES and Semplates by visiting our Features Page.

Who Should Use Semplates?

Semplates is the ideal solution for any organization currently using or planning to use AWS Simple Email Service (SES). If you're looking to extend the functionality of AWS SES with an easy-to-use email template management interface, Semplates is the tool for you. It's designed to benefit any organization that values efficient, branded, and customer-focused email communications.

Maximize the customer experience with transactional emails:

Transactional emails are key moments in the customer journey. Missed opportunities to send personalized, well-designed emails can result in a diminished brand experience. Semplates transforms this aspect of customer interaction by enabling the creation of high-impact, branded transactional emails, turning every message into a memorable touchpoint.

Semplates is already enhancing the email strategies of:

  • Companies within the AWS ecosystem: Perfect for those who prefer to keep their operations within AWS services.
  • Marketing Agencies: Agencies managing email templates for multiple clients find our drag-and-drop HTML editor invaluable.
  • Current and prospective AWS SES users: Whether you're already using AWS SES or planning to, Semplates makes editing and managing email templates easy and code-free, effectively shifting the workload from developers to designers and marketing teams.
  • Startups and Multi-Environment Organizations: For companies working in different stages such as development, testing, and production, Semplates makes it easy to manage and move templates between AWS accounts.

Discover real success stories with Semplates

Explore our case studies to see how different companies are using Semplates to revolutionize their email strategies with AWS SES. These real-world examples provide insight into the practical benefits and transformations our customers have experienced. Check out our case studies for a deeper understanding of how Semplates can improve your email communications.

How Difficult is the Setup?

Connecting Semplates to Amazon SES usually takes no more than 5 minutes and is based on the following three steps

  1. Login into the AWS Console and navigate to IAM > Users
  2. Create a new user with a Semplates-specific policy
  3. Enter your credentials into Semplates

In case you have questions we are always available via mail and are more than happy to assist you on a personal call. That way we can assure your onboarding experience is as smooth as it can get! Head over to our Setup Guide to consult our extensive setup ressources.

Setting up Semplates to work seamlessly with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) is easy and can typically be completed in less than five minutes. The process consists of three simple steps:

1. Access the AWS Console:

  • Log in to your AWS console.
  • Navigate to IAM > Users.

2. Create a new user:

  • Create a new user with a policy specific to Semplates. This will ensure that Semplates can interact securely and effectively with your AWS SES account.

3. Enter credentials in Semplates:

  • Enter the newly created user credentials in Semplates to establish the connection.

For a more detailed walkthrough of the setup process, please visit our setup guide. Here you'll find extensive resources and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the setup process and ensure you get up and running with Semplates quickly and efficiently.

Need assistance? We're Here to Help! We understand that getting started with a new tool can sometimes be daunting. That's why our team is always available to assist you via chat.

Is Semplates Expensive?

Absolutely not! Our pricing structure is designed to provide significant value while being cost effective for businesses of all sizes.

- Discover plan - Forever Free: Get started with our Discover plan, which allows you to try most of our features for as long as you need. With this plan, you can design and maintain up to five templates for free, forever. - Amortization and time savings: Our paid plans are priced to typically pay for themselves in just an hour or two of time saved. Many of our customers report saving several days of work each month by using Semplates, making it a smart investment to streamline email operations. - Flexible Billing Options: We understand that different companies have different needs. That's why we offer both monthly and annual billing options, as well as custom plans to meet your specific needs.

Find the right plan for you

Choosing the right plan depends on your business needs and how much you value efficiency and effectiveness in your email communications. We invite you to explore our different pricing plans to find the one that best fits your organization's needs. To learn more about our pricing and the value each plan provides, visit our pricing page.

Is Semplates Secure and Compliant?

Absolutely! Semplates is an exceptionally secure and compliant solution for template management on AWS SES. Semplates provides a secure platform for creating email templates, particularly for industries handling sensitive data. We ensure the highest level of data security by not storing or handling any of your client data. Instead, Semplates stores the template files on its servers and maintains them on AWS via the AWS SES API. The robust security standards of AWS and compliance certifications such as ISO 27001, SOC 2 and PCI DSS, as well as the selection of specific AWS regions, mean you always have control over your client data and can comply with local data protection regulations such as GDPR. This makes Semplates an ideal choice for sectors requiring stringent data security, such as healthcare, finance, and legal services. With Semplates and AWS SES, companies can manage email templates effectively while adhering to data protection laws, ensuring secure and compliant client data handling.

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