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Track template history with versioning

Learn how to use template versioning to track the history of your templates and republish previous versions

Every time a template is published, Semplates creates a new version of the template and adds it to the template history. This lets you track the history of a template as well as republish older versions on AWS SES.

Open versioning and track template history

To view a template's history, select the clock icon in the template table menu or the More section of your template.

Screenshot from the template table with the clock icon highlighted

Screenshot of the More section in the template manager with the clock icon highlighted

This leads you to the overview page, where you can see the version history of your template on the right.

Screenshot of the history of a template with the different version

As you can see, history tracks not only the time but also the person who published the template. At the bottom, you can also see who created the template. This makes team collaboration much easier.

Please note: Using Semplates in a team is only possible with a Business or Enterprise account. Contact us for an upgrade.

Republish a template from history

You can easily republish previous versions from the history of your template by choosing the desired version and selecting republish version.

Screenshot of the versioning feature to illustrate the republishing process

Afterward, this version will be restored to your AWS account. This allows easy rollbacks. Please note that you can only ever edit the latest version of a template.

That's it. Now you know how to track template history and republish previous templates. For template versioning to work, you need to have Semplates connected to an AWS SES account. How this works is explained in our Setup Guide.


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