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Verify your first sending identity

Learn how to verify email addresses, so you can use them as sending addresses

In this guide you will learn about how to add and verify sending identities. Sender identities are email addresses used to send your emails from via AWS SES. You will need at least one sending identity in order to use AWS SES.

Adding sending identities

Start by navigating to the AWS identities section. From there click on the Add Address button in the upper right corner:

Screenshot of the email identities section in Semplates that highlights the add address button

In the dialog type in the email address that you want to verify, then click Verify Email.

Screenshot of the dialog to enter a e-mail address

Switch to your email inbox and click on the link in the verification mail, that you just received:

Screenshot of the verification mail that highlights the activation link

Next, you should check if the verification has worked by clicking on the Refresh button in the upper right corner. Once your identity is verified, the check icon is displayed:

Screenshot of the email identities section that shows a verified sending email identity

By clicking on the Sender Name in the table you can change the name that is displayed in the recipients inbox, if you send mails via Amazon SES using that identity. By clicking on the Set Default button in the table you can change the default sending identity. If only one address is added, it becomes the sending identity. The default identity is used as the sending address, whenever you don't specify another sending identity in the API call.

Continue the setup

That's it! You almost completed the setup. Finish it by:


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