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Features and usage with multiple AWS Accounts

Discover all the features of Semplates by connecting multiple AWS accounts

With Semplates it is possible to connect multiple AWS accounts or multiple regions within the same AWS account (you can read more about connecting an AWS account here). This can be used for multiple use cases:

SaaS development

When developing SaaS products, most companies work with multiple environments to separate the unstable development environment from the one users are working on. For example, if you are developing a feature that involves sending emails to customers through SES, you can create the template through your AWS development account at Semplates. Once the feature is ready to be deployed, you can copy the template from the development environment to the staging or production environment with just two clicks. No more unnecessary use of local scripts to copy the templates. This saves a lot of time and nerves to get the job done efficiently. This template can now be conveniently edited by the editorial or marketing department without tying up developer resources.

Benefit for Agencies

If you work in an agency and manage the emails of multiple customers, handling this can get quite confusing when doing all of it via the CLI. You need to handle credentials of multiple customers and make sure that the right ones are used when creating new templates to not accidently use a wrong customer account. With Semplates, this get a lot easier. Connect all your customers AWS Accounts and manage templates in all of them. Easily switch between accounts and update templates quickly.


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