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Who should use Semplates?

In short: Every organisation that sends out templated emails on a regular basis and cares for great customer experience!

The longer answer: Transactional mails are another important touchpoint in your customers journey. By sending out inpersonal, unbranded or outdated transactional mails you leave out a great opportunity for enhancing your customers' experience and enhancing your brand image.

Our existing customers include:

  • Companies, that are using AWS and want to stay within the AWS environment when sending mails
  • Agencies, that manage email templates for multiple clients and want to use a simple HTML-Editor with Drag-&-Drop functionality
  • AWS SES users, that want to edit email templates without coding, thus shifting the work from developers to designers and marketing teams
  • Startups, that work with multiple environments (development, testing, production) and easily want to manage their templates as well as moving templates between AWS Accounts


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