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Is Semplates Secure and Compliant?

Absolutely! Semplates is an exceptionally secure and compliant solution for template management on AWS SES. Semplates provides a secure platform for creating email templates, particularly for industries handling sensitive data. We ensure the highest level of data security by not storing or handling any of your client data. Instead, Semplates stores the template files on its servers and maintains them on AWS via the AWS SES API. The robust security standards of AWS and compliance certifications such as ISO 27001, SOC 2 and PCI DSS, as well as the selection of specific AWS regions, mean you always have control over your client data and can comply with local data protection regulations such as GDPR. This makes Semplates an ideal choice for sectors requiring stringent data security, such as healthcare, finance, and legal services. With Semplates and AWS SES, companies can manage email templates effectively while adhering to data protection laws, ensuring secure and compliant client data handling.


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