Semplates is full of features designed to help you collaborate on email templates and ease your SES email sending activities.

Email Template Editor
Design engaging and responsive SES email templates that carry your brand. Semplates let's you images per drag-and-drop, place links and data placeholders or add pure HTML to create vivid reading experiences. You can start from scratch or based on our email template starters.
Email Templates Manager
Easily edit and manage all your AWS SES email templates in one place. Design new email templates, create copies or import existing email templates from Amazon SES. Quickly sort, filter and search among all of your email templates.
Variable Preview
Test how your email templates will look like by substituting test variables. You can also send your templated email with sample data right from the Semplates Frontend.
Tag Manager
Use the Semplates Tag Manager to create tags for your email templates that fit and describe your processes and business needs in order to organize them. The tags allow you to easily filter your templates.
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Create & send appealing email templates in no time with Semplates.

Use AWS SES to its full extend without a single line of code.

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