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How Tranquility Sped Up Their Template Processes By 50% With 100% Data Regulation Compliance.

Semplate’s intuitive features and streamlined workflow enabled Tranquility to accelerate the creation, review, and finalization of templates, saving valuable time and resources.



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Managed Templates
This picture shows a woman with a laptop. It is used to illustrate the Semplates Case Study with Tranquility.


Tranquility is one of Canada's leading digital mental health companies, focusing on offering secure online video counselling through their corporate mental health programs and individual counselling services.


As Tranquility started a government project with strict national data residency, they had to ensure their automated emails were sent via local servers, keeping client data within the region. As they were using AWS already, SES was the obvious choice, but it raised the challenge of effectively managing email templates. Tranquility sought a solution that could enhance workflow efficiency, foster team collaboration, and remain in line with the region's strict data regulations.

"Our mental health therapy services are personalized and completely confidential. With Semplates we found a partner that complies with stringent government regulations."

Greg Miller, Full Stack Developer at Tranquility

  Customized Templates

powered by Semplates


Upon evaluating multiple options, Tranquility chose Semplates, an intuitive platform compliant with government regulations that enabled seamless collaboration across roles. It significantly boosted their efficiency - management of templates was twice as fast, and ten collaborators across departments worked together seamlessly.

Semplates also accommodated a diverse range of over 80 templates in English and French. Impressively, this came at half the previous cost, making Semplates an economical and efficient solution for Tranquility’s expansive needs.

Why Tranquility Chose Semplates

Uncompromising Data Compliance

Tranquility discovered that Semplates aligned with all data regulations and delivered 100% confidentiality in providing its services.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Tranquility explored various options but found Semplates to be most intuitive: setting up, creating and publishing template designs in only a few minutes.

Efficiency driving features

With reusable content blocks and streamlined tagging across templates, Tranquility efficiently manages a high volume of emails in two languages, saving valuable time.

Greg Miller, Full Stack Developer at Tranquility

“With Semplates we can manage all our templates while being assured, that client data never leaves our AWS region when sending automated emails.”

Greg Miller, Full Stack Developer at Tranquility

Control over your data, ease of use, faster workflows

Tranquility’s story is impressive and so can be yours. Easily create and manage stunning email templates on AWS SES. Our discover plan is forever free.


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