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Streamlining Workflow Duration:  Essentia Analytics' Achievement in Cutting Weeks Off Their Process.

Discover how Semplates transformed Agile Heroe’s email template management process, enabling them to overview and update their template variants while maximizing the potential of AWS SES.




Decrease in Template Creation Time.





of Developer Time for Template Management.





Update Cadence of Template Changes.

Minimized Design Errors

Through Visual Testings.
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Essentia Analytics is a provider of advanced analytics solutions for asset managers and investment professionals. Their platform utilizes data science, behavioral analytics, and machine learning to analyze investment behavior and offer actionable insights. The platform aims to enhance decision-making, risk management, and overall investment performance by bridging the gap between data, technology, and investment expertise.


Essentia Analytics used AWS SES for email delivery, benefiting from its flexibility and data control. However, AWS SES lacked the needed cadence and agility for frequent template updates. The complex management process involved developers inputting lengthy HTML code, hindering updates and increasing fragility. After three years of struggling, Essentia Analytics sought an efficient solution to streamline their transactional emails with the desired cadence, agility, and reliability.

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“What used to take weeks to make changes now only takes minutes, allowing us to swiftly adapt and upload templates with ease. We are still impressed by this significant time-saving impact.”

Chris Woodcock, Chief Product Officer & Head of Data Science

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Implementing Semplates as their all-in-one-place template management platform led to significant improvements in email workflow efficiency. The process of making changes to transactional emails reduced from weeks to minutes. The product team leveraged the platform's features to promptly respond to customer requests, enhancing customer satisfaction. By addressing challenges related to frequency, agility, and fragility, Essentia Analytics revolutionized their workflow process and empowered their product team to make quick changes, eliminating the need for extensive developer involvement.

Why Essentia Analytics Chose Semplates

Powerful Frontend Boosting Productivity

Semplates’ drag-and-drop functionality, visual feedback, and reusable elements enabled the Essentia Analytics product team to make changes quickly and respond to customer requests in minutes. This newfound agility eliminated the dependence on engineering resources for email template modifications, boosting productivity across the board.

Stability and Reduced Complexity

Previously, making changes to email templates through the AWS SES console was difficult and time-consuming, making the templates prone to breaking or becoming unstable. Semplates provided robust and reliable templates, reducing the fragility issue and ensuring the stability of Essentia Analytics’ workflow process.

Seamless Management of Multiple AWS Accounts

Essentia Analytics utilized separate AWS accounts for test and live environments, facilitating efficient testing and confidence checks before pushing changes to the live environment. The ability to work with different AWS accounts within Semplates streamlined their workflow and ensured smooth transitions between development stages.

Chris Woodcock, Chief Product Officer & Head of Data Science 
at Essentia Analytics

“Semplates’ design for the frontend is so powerful and well thought out that it solved a problem I didn't even know I had. As a product manager, I appreciate when a product anticipates my needs before I even realize them, and that's exactly what Semplates delivered."

Chris Woodcock, Chief Product Officer & Head of Data Science at Essentia Analytics

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