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Navigating Through Operational Efficiency: Emma App’s Cost-Effective Transition from SendGrid to AWS SES and Semplates

Emma App refines its financial email communication, focusing on ease of use and cost-effectiveness with Semplates and Amazon SES.



Tailored Financial Email Templates





Operational Efficiency in Email Management





to Create and Manage Email Templates





to Manage and Send Emails
This picture shows a man walking outside and looking at his mobile phone. . It serves as an illustration of the Semplates Case Study with Emma App.


Emma App, a customer-centric financial app, enables users to flawlessly manage their finances, from avoiding overdrafts and canceling wasteful subscriptions to maintaining comprehensive control over diverse financial accounts. Positioned as a private wealth manager accessible to all, Emma App offers a novel banking experience that prioritizes user financial wellness, providing insightful visibility and control at the touch of a button.


Emma App faced the complex challenge of maintaining engaging communications with its users. While SendGrid provided certain capabilities, it proved costly because it charged based on the number of emails sent, as well as the number of email contacts. In addition, Emma App faced challenges with inaccurate email previews, difficulty creating complex email designs, and database synchronization and segmentation issues, necessitating a move to more streamlined email management.

Emma App - Take back control of your money
"By transitioning to Semplates, we've realized a significant improvement in our workflow. In fact, we have increased our efficiency for all email management by 40%, which is incredible."

Edoardo Moreni, CEO & Founder, Emma App

  Customized Templates

powered by Semplates


Emma App, aiming for greater operational efficiency and cost savings, transitioned from SendGrid to AWS SES and Semplates. The move was driven by the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of AWS SES. Semplates, with its comprehensive email template management capabilities, facilitated Emma App in managing and deploying over 100 diverse financial email templates till now and enabling the crafting of intricate email designs through the intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

In addition, Semplates promotes cross-departmental collaboration and ensures a consistent and intuitive user environment. As a result, Emma App has also been able to reduce email template management efforts by 40% and achieve significant cost savings, as it is four times cheaper to manage and send emails with Semplates and AWS SES.

Why Emma App Chose Semplates

Effortless Template Management

With Semplates, Emma App effectively manages over 100 user-focused email templates, ensuring relevant and engaging communication at every user interaction.

Outstanding User Experience and Support

Semplates provides a seamless user environment, enabling the effortless and time-efficient creation of complex email designs. Should any problems arise, Semplates' customer support ensures quick and competent solutions.

Valuing Client Data Security

Emma App appreciates that Semplates does not process any of their client data, aligning with their commitment to user privacy.

Edoardo Moreni, CEO & Founder, Emma App

“Switching to AWS SES and Semplates was a clear choice for us, not just for the operational efficiency and cost benefits, but also for the ease of use. The transition has enabled us to create and manage email templates 10 times faster, while making it 4 times cheaper to send emails.”

Edoardo Moreni, CEO & Founder, Emma App

Seamless Transition, Optimal Efficiency, Empowered Communication

Emma App's journey showcases a shift towards operational efficiency and cost-effective email communication. Experience it firsthand - effortlessly create and manage striking email templates on AWS SES with Semplates.


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