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Simplifying Email Management: How Agile Heroes Manages Complex Template Variants on AWS SES With Semplates.

Discover how Semplates transformed Agile Heroe’s email template management process, enabling them to overview and update their template variants while maximizing the potential of AWS SES.



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Agile Heroes is a German market leader for agile services. Their experienced trainers support people, teams and companies by using agile approaches to work more successfully and efficiently and to significantly improve their collaboration.


Agile Hero, previously using a wordpress platform, undertook the task of setting up an e-commerce shop for a client. As part of their AWS integration, they desired a user-friendly solution that would allow easy access and collaboration while utilizing AWS SES for transactional emails. Agile Heroes embarked on a journey to identify the right tool. Special focus lied on an easy way to manage highly customized email variants. Further requirements included collaboration and accessibility, easy transitioning to AWS SES, and future considerations such as multilingual support and expanding the user base across teams and regions.

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‘We don’t even use the AWS SES console anymore. We use Semplates for everything.’

Mirko Pira, Principal Software Developer

  Customized Templates

powered by Semplates


By adopting Semplates, Agile Hero experienced a multitude of benefits. Semplates offered an easy AWS SES integration, smooth onboarding and the intuitive user experience in the backend made template customization and management effortless.

With Semplates, Agile Hero successfully managed all their desired templates, including complex variants such as product-specific promotional vouchers. Semplates’ flexibility and adaptability allowed for efficient template creation and customization.

Collaboration was simplified through Semplates, enabling seamless access for the online marketing team, developers, and the managing director. This facilitated effective collaboration and ensured prompt implementation of any necessary changes.

Why Agile Heroes Chose Semplates

Seamless Integration with AWS SES

Semplates offered a seamless integration with AWS SES, allowing Agile Heroes to leverage the capabilities of SES while simplifying the management and customization of their email templates.

User-Friendly Experience For Template Management

Agile Heroes appreciated the ease of navigation and usability in the backend. The user interface was intuitive and straightforward, allowing them to manage their complex template variants with ease.

Future Viability through Comprehensive Features

Looking ahead, as Agile Hero plans to expand internationally, Semplates' support for multilingual templates through its tagging system as well as integrating multiple AWS accounts already became valuable features to cater to a diverse customer base.

Mirko Pira, Principal Software Developer at Agile Heroes

“Semplates has been a game-changer for our business. The seamless integration with AWS SES, user-friendly interface, and excellent support have exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!”

Mirko Pira, Principal Software Developer at Agile Heroes

Agile Heroes Chose Semplates After An Extensive Competitor Analysis. Discover yourself the user-friendliest AWS SES email template management platform, for free.

Agile Heroes' story is impressive and so can be yours. Easily create and manage stunning email templates on AWS SES. Our discover plan is forever free.

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