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Design responsive email templates using our drag-and-drop template editor. Connect your AWS SES account and start sending appealing templates in minutes.

The SES Template Editor that fits your workflow

Semplates’ amazon SES template editor enables simple, consistent and smooth workflows: Design. Test. Send.

Drag-n-drop Template Editor
Text. Images. Links. Buttons. GIFs. You name it. Add and organise your content via drag and drop. Then style and personalize your building blocks as needed to create beautiful, responsive template designs.
The Semplates Templates Editor makes email templates design easy.
Instant save
Deploy design changes in seconds, not hours. Simply press save, that’s it. No downloads, no uploads, no API or CLI. With Semplates’ template editor for AWS SES you focus on what matters most: great, responsive design.
Easily save templates in aws ses
Template preview
Test your designs on different screen sizes. Substitute placeholders with test data to get a real feel of your templates. Your design needs another iteration? Switch back to the SES template editor! Good to go? Test send to your inbox!
Interpolate AWS SES templates and preview
Test send
Send a personalized, templated mail right to your inbox. Test every bit of your communication: Personalized subject line. Description texts. Mail content. Sender information. And much more.
Send interpolated aws ses templates via aws ses

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Features that will save you efforts ...and hours

Use Semplates to ease your workflow for transactional emailing and emailing campaigns.

Easily edit SES email templates
Design engaging and responsive email templates that carry your brand. Our drag-and-drop templates editor allows you to integrate images, links or pure HTML easily so you can create vivid reading experiences. You can also use placeholders to send personalized email content.
The Semplates Templates Editor makes email templates design easy.
Use powerful SES email template starters
Accelerate your design process by starting from one of our Amazon SES email template starters. Simply modify colors, fonts and forms to make our template starters fit to your corporate branding or design guidelines. Our starters make designing powerful branded AWS SES email templates easy.
Semplates SES Template Starters gives you powerful SES template designs to start with.
Organize AWS SES email templates
Design new email templates from scratch. Duplicate existing templates or import email templates directly from your SES account. Create and attach tags to organize your SES email templates. Quickly search, filter and sort through all your email templates. Work collaboratively with your teammates on your email templates.
The Semplates Templates Manager makes email templates organization easy.
Import your SES email templates
Import your existing email templates from SES with Semplates' Template Import functionality. Doing so allows you to manage all your existing email templates visually in one place with Semplates. Never ask your developers again to pull some template from SES, but import your email templates directly via Semplates.
Semplates SES Import makes importing your existing email templates from SES easy.

Sounds helpful to you? Try Semplates for free!

Start your 28 days free trial today. No credit card required.

Semplates' paper plane flying out.

Create & send appealing email templates in no time with Semplates.

Use AWS SES to its full extend without a single line of code.

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