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Transactional email templates for digital startups
Semplates is ideal for startups
Are you creating the next SaaS unicorn? With Semplates its super easy to setup appealing transactional emails such as confirmation, registration or password reset emails. You can then trigger emailing events from anywhere any place in your software architecture via our API or AWS SES. This is especially convenient, if you are using AWS services for your product anyway because Semplates integrates well in your existing cloud development processes.
Cost-effective email campaigns for high-volume marketers
Semplates is cost effective
High-volume email campaigns quickly get expensive. With AWS SES and Semplates you send emails for the fraction of the costs that conventional emailing services such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid, etc. Here is a comparison: Sending 100k emails per month with Semplates' Premium Plan + SES AWS will cost you 39$ compared to 590$ when using Mailchimp. That's a 93 percent reduction in monthly recurring costs!
Mail communication for branded web experiences
Semplates makes branding email experiences easy
Successful brands turn to modern web frameworks and modular API–first system designs to leverage the business benefits of full individualization and branding capabilities. Semplates' API allows you to trigger email sending from anywhere in your front- or backend system. At the same time Semplates enables you to bring the same level of branding and customization to your email communication that your users value in your web experience. Easily add personalized, branded emails to your contact forms, community signups, newsletter registrations, payment confirmations or any other touchpoint along your users' journey.
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