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Use advanced email personalization

How to add complex personalization to your email templates with Semplates

Semplates supports advanced email personalization from AWS SES, allowing complex customer-based data to be integrated into the templates.

What is advanced email personalization?

With the advanced email personalization feature, complex customer-based data can be integrated into transactional emails without any programming skills. The feature allows you to display user-specific data in many different formats.

Advanced email personalization can be used for example to:

  • Display an online order
  • Confirm a booking
  • Display personalized product advertisements
  • Inform about activities on a platform
  • Display user-relevant messages

How the advanced email perzonalization works

For the implementation of advanced email personalization, AWS SES relies on the template engine Handlebars, which dynamically generates the template's HTML code. The reference to the corresponding data source only has to be established with the appropriate variable, which is enclosed by two curly brackets. This works both in the text editor and in the HTML editor of Semplates.

How the advanced email personalization for AWS SES works

As shown in the graphic, Handlebars takes a template containing the variables and compiles it into a function. This function is then executed by passing a JSON object as an argument. This JSON object is called a context and contains the values of the variables used in the template. When executed, the function returns the desired HTML code after replacing the variables in the template with the appropriate values.

The possibilities for using advanced email personalization are enormous. Interesting use cases can be found in almost all areas of customer communication. With Semplates these personalizations can be integrated directly into a template. And it's not only simple data that can be integrated. Semplates supports almost all advanced personalization features that AWS SES has implemented, such as:

  • Parsing nested attributes
  • Looping through lists of data
  • Inserting images dynamically
  • Using basic conditional rendering

Handlebars can be used to integrate #each and #if functions, making it possible to loop through lists of data or use conditional rendering. Handlebars also supports nested fields, making it easy to organize complex customer data and then reference that data in your email templates. This lets you divide recipient data into several general categories and address them accordingly.

Let's look at an simple example

A template has been created for the booking confirmation of a cleaning service. The data to be retrieved from the company's database was replaced with the appropriate placeholders.

Semplates Documentation Template-Design Advanced email personalization variables

In the preview function of the template editor, the variables are taken over immediately. To check the function, test values can now be entered in the fields. With a click on Update Template, these are then displayed in the template.

Semplates Doc Template-Design advanced email personalization test variables

Semplates Doc Template-Design advanced email personalization preview

Personalizing emails has never been so easy. If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact support via the chat function.

For more information, check out the AWS SES documentation on advanced email personalization.


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